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People Vs. Ford

Premier Doug Ford is setting himself up to be Ontario's first Premier to use the Notwithstanding clause to deny our rights.

On Tuesday June 8, the Ontario Superior Court declared that the restrictions on third party political advertising prior to the election period included in Bill 254 violate the Charter right to free expression and are not justified under Section 1. 

On Wednesday, June 9, the Premier indicated through the media that he would invoke the Notwithstanding clause to force this law into action. The Notwithstanding clause has never been used in Ontario before. 

Premier Ford is taking steps to deny the people of Ontario a fair election in 2022 by trampling on your rights today. 

Every single MPP needs to know that voters like you hold them resposible for their support of this dangerous and slippery slope. 

Your rights are not gifts, or options. Your rights need to be defended. 

Take action today.