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Child Care Campaign

Everyone depends on someone who depends on child care.

And affordable licensed child care, with the best programs for our kids, depends on reliable public investments.Baby sitting beside text that reads, affordable, quality child care... finding it is a struggle. It shouldn't be.

Most children today do not have access to those services.  Ontario cities have the highest infant fees in the country. For example, in Toronto it is an astounding $1,649 a month or $19,788 per year and funding does not go far enough according to Unifor. Although there are some subsidies these currently only cover a portion of total child care fees and are not available to most parents in-need. In Toronto alone, more than 13,000 children are waiting for child care subsidies.

Investment in Early Years and Child Care is good for equality and good for the economy.  Unifor is demanding that the Ontario government address a patchwork system with new investments. This change will support children’s development, improve women’s equality, open up additional opportunities for parents, and help reduce poverty. 

Add your voice today.

Read Unifor’s submission, Early Years and Child Care: Good for Equality, Good for the Economy, which outlines concrete action the Ontario government must take to improve up-front affordability and increase the number of licensed public child care spaces in the province.