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Bell Expertech, it’s Time!

1,000 workers at Expertech are fighting for the future of work! Bell Expertech contracts out the work of Unifor members, and in this round of negotiations, workers are united behind the demand to stop contracting out, and to secure good jobs. 

Negotiations kick off September 14, 2020. 

Members can check into this page to see the latest bargaining updates. The first update was sent Friday, August 11. If you didn’t receive it then get in touch with your Local Union and update your contact information! 

Bargaining Updates

Expertech Bargaining to Kick off September 14

September 11, 2020

To Local Union Presidents,

Please send this bargaining update to your membership, post on boards etc.

Expertech members deserve respect. You deserve a contract that protects jobs both now and in the future. We have all felt the reduction in work coming to Expertech and the increased use of contractors. This round of bargaining is about positioning ourselves to reduce contracting out and securing work for the future.

To achieve this goal – all members must be active participants in negotiations. We’re stronger together!

Your bargaining committee may ask you to participate in actions throughout the process. That starts by connecting with your Local Unions, and ensuring Locals have your most up to date personal email and cell phone number.

What’s at stake is the future of good jobs.

This round of negotiations started long ago when we filed the Common Employer Application. Now, we are continuing to leverage this application to secure the best possible deal.

When bargaining opens next week, we plan to negotiate over the course of six weeks and plan to use our time to efficiently to reach agreement on the most important issues facing Expertech workers.

Please send your most up to date email address and cell phone number to your Local Union to ensure that you are able to receive the most up to date information.

Thank you for your support,

Your Expertech Bargaining Committee