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Auto Talks 2020

Contract talks between Unifor and the Detroit Three automakers begin later this summer. This website will serve as Unifor’s official source of information for members during the collective bargaining process, in addition to communications members receive directly from their locals.

Unifor represents more than 20,000 highly skilled Detroit three workers including at Fiat Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. The union also represents several thousand more workers at auto parts suppliers throughout Canada.

Each round of contract talks is important. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic persists and economies struggle, this round of talks is especially unique and challenging. The future is uncertain.  If anything, this crisis has highlighted the need for maintaining and promoting Canada’s industrial sectors – underlining why “Made in Canada Matters” to both workers and consumers. The auto industry, one of Canada’s main economic drivers, is central to this. This year’s contract talks will pivot on good jobs and future investment.  

Visit this site often for important bargaining updates and other useful materials.  

Members who have questions about any of the content on this site can email us at All other collective bargaining questions should be first directed to your appropriate local union representative.

For media inquiries please contact Unifor’s Director of Communications: or at 416-707-5794

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Watch how Unifor saved Oshawa GM

It’s not every day that a union gets to make history but that’s exactly what Unifor did. In November of 2018, when GM announced plans to shut down Oshawa, our union launched the most aggressive campaign in its history to keep the assembly line. After months of rallies, TV, newspaper, radio and billboard ads, we managed to maintain a footprint, and save a few hundred jobs. In bargaining this fall, the union, the company, and federal and provincial governments came together to create a plan to return truck assembly to Oshawa.​