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Pride Activist (PRIDE)


5 Days

Must be an LGBT Unifor member. Not open to allies.

You're interested in making your union and your community a safer space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, intersex (LGBTQ2SI) members, but where do you start?  This course is right for you!

The Pride Activist course will provide you with the tools and tactics to mobilize for tangible changes that make life better for Unifor members of any gender identity or sexual orientation.  You'll meet activists from across the country, from seasoned veterans to curious newbies, ready to organize their first meeting or attend their first pride event.  The course tackles current issues facing the LGBTQ community with an aim towards winning change for members.

In addition to learning more about queer and trans history, taking into account the different ways that members of the LGBTQ community experience discrimination, participants will discuss union structure, direct action, and how to create change.  Participants will leave with a valuable network of like-minded activist peers, and a plan for action to take back to their local unions and communities.