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Grievance Handling & Workplace Leadership (PGHWL)


5 Days

Are you a Chairperson, Steward or a Committeeperson?  Would you like to develop or sharpen your skills?  The role of workplace representatives is critical to our union strength – it is a rewarding and challenging job.

In this 5-day course we use case studies and hands-on practical activities to focus on three key aspects of the role of the workplace representative:

  1. Technical skills (what is a grievance, how to conduct an investigation, writing and presenting grievances, duty of fair representation);
  2. Communication skills (listening, asking questions, formulating arguments);
  3. Union building skills (actions and strategies for strengthening the union at the local and national level).

The program includes two major sessions on arbitration:  building our grievances to find early resolves while also being prepared to carry through to arbitration.  The program is designed to equip workplace leaders with the skills and tools needed to defend the rights of workers and to develop an understanding of the role of a workplace representative in building a strong membership and local union.

Note: The 5-day Grievance Handling course includes the material from the 3-day course and expands the practice time for participants.  In addition, the 5-day program includes modules on arbitration, discipline and discharge and workplace change.