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Climate Change and Our Jobs (PCCOJ)


5 Days

The time has come to chart a new model and direction for Canada's economy.  This country can no longer afford an economic model that treats the natural environment and human beings as disposable goods.  We need to rethink the way we transport ourselves, move goods, use water, fuel industries, and heat our homes and businesses.

We need to build a green economy that transforms the mode of production and consumption in our society, making existing jobs more environmentally sustainable, and simultaneously creates new decent paying, full time, safe and healthy green jobs in all sectors of society.

In this newly revised course we will discuss strategies that will put public interest above corporate interest; a strategy that recognizes the threat of climate change; and one that sees Canada capture a larger share of the new jobs and growth spawned by the global shift to renewable energy.  Through presentations from keynote speakers and interactive workshops we will debate and build consensus toward collective and individual actions that will give us the power to leave our world to the next generation in a cleaner, safer and more prosperous condition then how we inherited it.

Our members demand that we protect their jobs and incomes.  At the same time, our members also demand that we work hard to improve the environment.  Both demands are reasonable ones to put on our union.  This course prepares us for those coming debates.