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Aboriginal & Workers of Colour Leadership (AAWOC1)


1 Day

This program is for members who identify and have lived their life tackling oppression in their day-to-day.  The program is intended to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of Unifor Aboriginal and workers of colour members.  It's an incredible opportunity for local unions to build the strengths and skills of members whose voices and leadership are desperately needed if we want to respond to today's challenges.  We as a union, recognize that many may not be able to be released for the 2-week leadership course at this time and to remove barriers, we offer this 1-day.  For participants, this program is designed to give a starting point to make a difference in our union.  We discuss and strategize around removing further barriers to participation, to the importance of being involved in all elections in the Union, Municipally, Provincially, and Federally.  We focus on the challenges of doing anti-racism work in the union and in society more broadly.

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