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I heart COVID Heroes
June 15 - 11:00 AM EDT
Unifor’s Communications Department won seven awards from the Canadian Association of Labour Media on June 10, 2021, including best member mobilization
March 12 - 12:15 PM EDT
Unifor urges Ottawa to proactively protect workers from COVID-19 virus
June 10 - 2:00 PM EDT
Unifor’s Communications Department was recognized with two awards at this year’s Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) conference on June 8...
Bob Orr with fellow labour activists.
November 11 - 1:30 PM EST
More than 140 union leaders and activists from several countries gathered for the first ever North American Solidarity Project Conference.
The Unifor Atlantic Communications Locals bargaining committee.
January 19 - 9:30 PM EST
A tentative agreement has been reached Bell Aliant and Unifor ACL, which represents 2200...
May 18 - 9:45 AM EDT
Unifor members won 6 awards and received 3 honourable mentions at this year’s CALM awards!
February 20 - 12:00 PM EST
Unifor president Jerry Dias was inducted into the Milton Walk of Fame as part of the historic town's 150-year anniversary celebration.
December 2 - 6:15 PM EST
Ontario Council opened with calls to continue Unifor's hard work on behalf of working people.
August 9 - 9:45 AM EDT
We would like to welcome 45 workers at Logistics in Motion Inc. now members of Local 222 who have chosen to join Unifor.
December 12 - 12:30 PM EST
Cuts at CHCH TV in Hamilton show need for new CRTC rules