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New Resolute collective agreements covering 2,000 workers

Canada needs a forestry policy, Jerry Dias says in this Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal column.

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Job plan latest reason to defeat Hudak

If Tim Hudak is elected, Ontario will see unprecedented job cuts, healthcare cuts, education cuts and the decimation of workers’ rights.

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Chipping away at the cultural mosaic

Rogers Broadcasting Limited is right now asking the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (our national broadcast regulator) to rewrite the rules governing ethnic television in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta – and not to the benefit of ethnic communities...


Toyota no longer following the Toyota Way

Much of what attracted me to a job at Toyota 17 years ago — besides good pay, benefits and a pension, of course — was that the company had a reputation for listening to its employees and working with them on issues facing the plant...

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Inspired by today’s members, and tomorrow’s

This past week, it has been my incredible honour to stand beside workers – members of Unifor, and those working to join – as they stood up for their rights and for a voice in their communities...

President's Message

Time to modernize rail service

It’s time that Canada developed a modern passenger rail service in this country. That means more frequent trains to better meet the needs of Canadian travelers, whether for business or pleasure, and the introduction of high speed rails in our busiest travel corridors, such as Toronto to Montreal or Calgary to Edmonton. From that would come jobs, helping to reduce unemployment, while providing some level of hope to our young people for more than contract jobs and precarious employment.